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Sole II Soul Reflexology & Massage Therapy

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Sole II Soul Reflexology & Bodywork           

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Fairbanks Locations:

Home Office  (907) 712-4576
Vitality Center for Conscious Living  (907) 479-4999

Tanana Sun Chiropractic (907) 456-2244

Advanced Reflexology


Deep Tissue

Myofascial Release Techniques 



Comfort / Hospital Based

Seated Massage

Mat Massage


Essential Oil use


Reflexology helps the body through the feet. A common response to a treatment is "I can't believe how my whole body feels so relaxed"! Reflexologists work in great detail on the reflexes that link to the systems of your body - skeletal, digestive, endocrine etc. Sessions often last an hour so that all the reflexes, and all the systems can be worked on. Sessions are tailored to each individuals needs and goals.

Modalities incorporated into a treatment may include: A.R.T. - advanced techniques for reaching deeper reflexes, Vitaflex - a Tibetan technique to stimulate the electro/magnetic response, V.R.T. - vertical reflex therapy suitable for joints, LBP and pelvic complaints and Synergistic Reflexology - works the hands and feet simultaneously


Massage Therapy is a client led service. Between us we develop a massage plan - addressing your goals, concerns, comfort etc. to make each session tailored to you. My style ranges from going deep into pressure points and attachments to light rhythmic or swedish integration for calming relaxation, positional release to painlessly reduce tender points, steady and patient myofascial release and invigorating bindegewebsmassage.


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